Executives charged with responsibility for corporate reputation management rely heavily on accurate insights about their organisation’s reputation. Their efforts to navigate their corporation through its reputation journey rely on comprehensive evidence based details about how the organisation is perceived and why.

Research provides evidence

Armed with this informed evidence and research those responsible for corporate reputation can speak with authority to the executive team, their points of view about reputation much more than an opinion or hunch. Instead, convincing evidence supports their views. In the absence of this research-based evidence corporate affairs leaders find themselves exchanging opinions with other executives who each bring their own hunches about the organisation’s corporate reputation, a battle of opinions ensues and the corporate affairs leaders authority is diminished.

Lead corporate reputation management

Equipped with comprehensive evidence-based descriptions of their organisation’s current corporate reputation and any factors damaging that reputation, corporate affairs leaders readily:

  • Outline for senior managers how the organisation is perceived today, and why.
  • Propose stakeholder engagement plans targeted to address these factors.
  • Set in place strategies to confront or address the issues damaging their reputation.

Independent reputation research

As an independent corporate reputation researcher, our role is to provide robust, accurate evidence about your corporate reputation, every aspect of our research is designed to ensure you have authoritative insights from the most reliable sources.

Our careful approach to interview discussion guide design, stakeholder selection, interview probing, analysis, reporting and presentation of key findings, ensures your executive team is both well informed and accurately directed.