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When experience counts ours is the richest:
Sovereign wealth fund
Three programs of reputation research over 6 years, applying in-depth interviews with CEO level key stakeholders. Over the tenure of this ongoing assignment, the fund has used these stakeholder insights to shape their industry engagement, focus the efforts of senior leaders and progressively improve their reputation.

Global miner

20 In-depth interviews with South Africa based key stakeholders including government, community leaders, Industry peers, suppliers and journalists.

Listed investment fund

A series of focus groups with investors in the listed investment firm to gather perceptions of performance, investor engagement and investor expectations.

National disaster recovery Authority

20 interviews with New Zealand based community leaders, construction industry builders, engineers and investors, and with government leaders to gather independent perspectives of rebuild progress.

Health promotion agency

2 programs of reputation research among CEO level partners and health industry leaders to gather perspectives and expectations.

High-growth construction specialist

20 interviews with key clients, developers, architects and project managers to understand current reputation and develop forward strategies.

State owned Treasury

This ongoing program of bi-annual reputation and key stakeholder research provide the executive team and board with detailed insights into stakeholder perceptions. Each phase consists of 20 Interviews with clients and Treasury leaders, to gather independent perspectives on the mandatory provider of asset management and debt.

Big 4 consulting firm

When a broad people survey indicated concerns among a pocket of managers, mini focus groups provided an independent forum to explore the concerns of these vital internal stakeholders. The outcomes provided the client with clear guidance on how to improve engagement with this important cohort.

Public Transport Authority

This government public transport authority sought the perspectives of 60 key stakeholders in a bid to sharpen its understanding of stakeholder and community expectations. The findings provided leaders with a blueprint for engaging with the broad spectrum of vital stakeholders.

Packaging Industry body

Consumer recycling levels were beginning to damage the packaged food industry’s reputation. This consumer level research gathered consumer perceptions and expectations of FMCG companies in terms of recycling instructions and message clarity.

Defence business development agency

This state owned entity had long pursued the investment of global defense material manufacturers, but was unsure if its current strategies were relevant or effective. By using 51 in-depth interviews with industry participants they received a clear picture of prospect priorities, decision criteria and preferred approach.

Global poverty cause

This global resource force had historically been focused on fighting poverty, as it undertook a strategic review it sought to gather the perspectives of its major donors and supporters as key stakeholders. These perspectives extended understanding of the organisations broader reputation, purpose and effectiveness.

Engineering consulting firm

This global engineering consultancy sought the perceptions and expectations of key current and prospective clients through independent qualitative research.

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