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Organisations are increasingly recognising the importance of reputation and the risks of reputational loss. For these organisations reputation management begins with reliable insights into how they are perceived today by stakeholders and their organisation’s reputation.

Evidence based reputation management

Armed with this informed evidence and research, corporate affairs leaders responsible for reputation management can speak with authority to the executive team, their points of view about reputation supported by convincing evidence-based findings. This flow of research also enables them to track how the organisation’s reputation is evolving, enabling them to carefully manage their reputation strategies based on feedback from the market and stakeholders.

Making informed decisions about reputation

Those responsible for reputation management rely on information from markets and stakeholders to make informed decisions about their management of reputation. This information enables corporate affairs leaders to manage their reputation responsibility using an ongoing cycle made up of five steps:

  • Outlining for senior managers how the organisation is perceived at a point in time, and why.
  • Proposing stakeholder engagement plans targeted to address these factors.
  • Setting in place strategies to confront or address the issues damaging their reputation.
  • Monitoring the effectiveness of the strategies in place.
  • Modifying these strategies based on the detailed feedback coming from qualitative and quantitative reputation research.

Robust reputation research

As your specialist reputation research provider we help you construct a program of robust, informative and insightful reputation research. This includes qualitative research to provide rich insights about how you are perceived and why, and quantitative research to track perceptions of your organisation over time. Together these regular insights keep your reputation management fully informed.

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