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Every client situation is different and therefore requires careful design, however at the heart of every stakeholder research project is a series of detailed conversations with between 20 and 60 key stakeholders


Objectives aligned

Our stakeholder research process begins with an orientation meeting to ensure our objectives are aligned with those of our client, background is shared, objectives detailed, client concerns voiced and a list of possible key stakeholders is discussed, from which a final interview list is derived.

Discussion guide agreed

Our discussion guide is informed by the agreed stakeholder research objectives, each question should contribute to meeting the overall stakeholder research goals.

Key stakeholder interviews

Our recruitment of key stakeholders for interview follows a careful, proven approach. In short key stakeholders choose to contribute because they are convinced we value their perspective. These key stakeholders are carefully chosen on the basis that they bring well-informed insights and experience of dealing with the organisation under review. Just as importantly these stakeholders are themselves senior leaders, they bring a strategic perspective. Every interview is an independent, confidential and strategic conversation with an informed, interested and constructive key stakeholder.

Key findings discussed

The outcomes our client receives take two forms, the first a written report, which responds directly to the agreed stakeholder research objectives. The key findings will set out stakeholder perspectives on the topics discussed and how stakeholders believe these should be addressed. The second output is a discussion-based presentation to your executive team, to explain the key stakeholders’ perspective and the detail behind changes expected by those key stakeholders.

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