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Our stakeholder research capability has been applied to many diverse sectors and opportunities.
Industry super fund
5 separate research projects relating to the expectations of members and specifically high net worth members of this professional industry super fund


Meat industry peak body

Three separate projects to gather the perceptions and expectations of the meat processing industry members. The project detailed the needs of industry members and provided industry segmentation based on individual member R&D priorities.

National disaster recovery Authority

20 interviews with New Zealand based community leaders, construction industry builders, engineers and investors, and with government leaders to gather independent perspectives of rebuild progress.

National Consumer lender

Over 40 in-depth interviews to establish perceptions of the lender and to test a new product extension which altered corporate identity.

State owned risk manager and insurer

25 in-depth interviews with CEO level clients of the state insurance and risk management agency to determine current reputation and key stakeholder perspectives on how best to move forward.

Big 4 consulting firm

When a broad survey indicated concerns among a pocket of managers, mini focus groups provided an independent forum to explore the concerns of the vital internal stakeholders. The outcomes provided the client with clear guidance on how to improve engagement with this important cohort.

Digital infrastructure

When exploring expansion opportunities in Asia this Australian based installation firm sought to explore the expectations of potential clients and delivery partners. In-depth interviews with key potential partners provided accurate detailed market data together with clear stakeholder expectations in the prospect market.

Defence business development agency

This state owned entity had long pursued the investment of global defense material manufacturers, but was unsure if its current strategies were relevant or effective. By using 51 in-depth interviews with industry participants they received a clear picture of prospect priorities, decision criteria and preferred approach.

Transport accident research partnership

As this innovative industry partnership approached a contract review window, this research provided informal partner feedback about perceptions of performance effectiveness and service relevance. The independent in-depth interviews provided frank, honest responses.


As COAG works to bring Australia’s education to a common high standard, working groups are the practical mechanism by which progress is achieved. This project explored the effectiveness of these working groups and presented key findings for their enhancement.

Digital infrastructure Industry body

This industry body used stakeholder research to generate industry solutions to ongoing infrastructure damage. Contributions from diverse parties, often with a history of conflict, were gathered in workshops to construct industry solutions without forcing parties into the same room.

Global poverty charity

This global resource force had historically been focused on fighting poverty, as it undertook a strategic review it sought to gather the perspectives of its major donors and supporters as key stakeholders.

Construction industry insurer

This unique industry player sought to independently assess perceptions and satisfaction with its services and performance across employee members, union leaders and employers. The qualitative research methodology was also used as a forum to generate and test new product/service development concepts.

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