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Stakeholder interviews provide direct access to the thinking and perceptions of an organisation’s key stakeholders. The are motivated by an organisation’s desire to walk-a-mile in that stakeholder’s shoes and to see their own organisation through the key stakeholder’s eyes


Independent research

When conducted using independent research, stakeholder interviews will represent a straight forward and honest assessment, stakeholders promptly recognise their perspective is valued and their perceptions are of critical importance. The most expert researchers use carefully worded questions, which give the stakeholder permission to speak their mind and to give honest feedback.

Strategic and insightful perspectives

The senior level engagement these key stakeholders have with your organisation, positions them well to provide a strategic and insightful perspective and for this reason their perceptions of your organisation are invaluable.

Even more powerfully, by exploring these perspectives using key stakeholder interviews the organisation captures the insights and informed views of a strategic and senior cohort. This group is especially well placed to offer industry informed, up-to-date and strategic perspectives.

Executive level conversations

Our researchers have completed over 1500 senior, key stakeholder interviews with these types of executives. They have themselves come from executive level roles and bring strategy experience as a base from which to absorb and interpret the executive insights, which emerge from stakeholder interviews. Our researcher’s role is to listen and probe, to explore issues and opportunities with these senior leaders. The senior leaders themselves respond to this interest from your organisation, they consider this reflects a healthy openness to outside perspectives, made all the more genuine by a choice to commission independent research.

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