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The rich insights generated by reputation research are constructed from the details initially gathered as stakeholder perceptions. Key stakeholders bring uniquely informed perspectives about your organisation, they are familiar with your industry, markets, economics and objectives

. They appreciate the investments you contemplate, the resources you leverage and the trade-offs you must consider. Not only are they closely involved with the way you operate they also experience first-hand your engagement or disengagement with them.

Their senior level engagement with your organisation positions them well to bring a strategic and insightful perspective and for this reason their perceptions of your organisation are invaluable.

Diverse key stakeholders

When organisations nominate the key stakeholders whose perspectives they seek to gather, they should not seek predominantly friendly parties. The most effective stakeholder research emerges from a varied cross section of informed key stakeholders each with their own good and potentially poor experiences, of dealing with your organisation. These stakeholders will have been ideally positioned to witness and experience your organisation's leadership, decisions and behavior. They participate in this research because they benefit from your organisation improving its engagement with them as key stakeholders; they expect their feedback will inform your organisation’s progress.

Frank, constructive perspectives

The most powerful feedback will often come from the most senior strategic thinkers, they not only witness your organisation's approach, but also are sharply aware of the context. Across many studies we have completed, around 25% of these individual stakeholders are CEO’s themselves, they understand the challenging context in which you operate. A further half of key stakeholders interviewed will be senior executives from diverse stakeholder vantage points. Finally key stakeholders should include what may be unexpected viewpoints such as special interest groups, think tanks, community leaders, unions, lobbyists, analyst or the media. These stakeholders bring a frank yet constructive perspective, their sharp observations emerging from direct exposure to your industry and its ecosystem.

Unparalleled reputation research experience

Our research leaders have unparalleled experience in gathering key stakeholder perspectives from individuals with unique, strategic and valued insights. Having completed over 1500 in-depth interviews with key stakeholders across diverse sectors, we have interviewed over 300 CEO’s, 500 senior executives as well as CFMEU leaders, environmentalists, ANC leaders, Ambassadors and think tanks. Each in-depth interview represents a probing exploration of their perceptions, expectations and suggestions.

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