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An organisation’s reputation is the impressions it holds in the minds of its stakeholders; by accessing and understanding these, the organisation is gathering an informed picture of its reputation. Even more powerfully, by exploring the perspectives of key stakeholders the organisation captures the insights and informed views of a strategic and senior cohort

. This group is especially well placed to offer industry-informed and strategic perspectives.

Access strategic perspectives

When organisations elect to invite these key stakeholder perspectives using independent research, they are getting invaluable access to the thinking, experience and strategic perspective of senior industry minds. They will be nominating for interview, senior executives from key stakeholder organisations including customers, suppliers, government, investors, media, think tanks or service providers. All with many years of industry experience at executive level. These stakeholder perspectives each provide a slightly different view of the organisation under the microscope.

Executive level conversations

Our researchers have completed over 1500 interviews with these senior key stakeholder executives. These researchers have themselves come from executive level roles and bring strategy experience as a base from which to absorb and interpret the executive’s insights. Our researchers role is to listen and probe, to explore issues and opportunities with these senior leaders. The senior leaders themselves respond to this interest from your organisation, they consider this a healthy openness to outside stakeholder perspectives, made all the more genuine by a choice to commission independent research.

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